platou – the platform of architecture in the tourism industry 

platou is an interdisciplinary network of experts, who deal with the topic of tourism architecture. These experts are from various branches, such as architecture and space planning, tourism and cultural procurement, economics and marketing, as well as urban planning and town construction. Together they develop strategies on the port between architecture and tourism. The competencies of platou range from research to procurement and consultancy. platou acts as a contact person for all sorts of decision-makers in the touristical project development department.

The operating range of the centre of competence - platou:

platou informs its
members about the benefit, the profit, the meaningfulness and the necessity of contemporary architecture in the tourism industry. It is its intention to establish awareness regarding a qualitative, contemporary, ecological and sustainable architecture and to facilitate the approach to the issue. platou promotes sustainable quality in tourism by profiting from the benefits of high standard architecture.

platou organizes seminars, symposia, lectures and excursions to increase profit and which aspects have to be taken into account when building in the tourism industry to generate econo
mical value. Common points of view are being developed with interested and acting participants in discussion rounds.

platou publishes studies in the field of tourism architecture. In May 2007 the study „Architektur macht Gäste“ / “Architecture Attracts Visitors” was published.

The study shows and analyzes the relationship between architecture and cost-effectiveness in the tourism industry and is illustrated by concrete examples. Further studies are being developed.


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